The Coalition of Advocates for Responsible Eldercare is an organization established in 2004 to advocate on behalf of the long term care community and the frail, elderly and disabled residents which they serve. Charged with a mission to advance the value of long-term health care in Oklahoma, CARE achieves this by sharing the passion and joy of those in the profession through effective education and marketing. Working in close coordination with a variety of public and private companies, associations, government entities, as well as other health care groups, CARE continues to move the state towards its overall vision of improving the quality of life for the state’s thousands of facility residents.

CARE is a great organization that strips back the stigma a lot of people have regarding our health care community. Keith and his team do a wonderful job sharing all of the positive and help shape a better tomorrow.
Brandon Morgan, CFO, LTC Accounting Services
CARE really has the perfect cause of recognizing all the good work that takes place in Long Term Care Nursing Homes!
Donna Calm Spirit Stone, Assistant Long Term Care Ombudsman Director, Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging
You might find it advantageous to join CARE. At the annual OAHCP Convention CARE is a great way to get connected to the owners/admins that would be beneficial for you to meet.
Rebecca Majors, HPSI Group Purchasing
I’m so thankful we were able to be a part of the CARE Open. The weather couldn’t have been any better and I was with a fun group.
Cal Graves, CIO, Graves Menu Maker Foods
I would encourage everyone that does business with any long term care facility, to join CARE. I joined CARE over 10 years ago and I increased my business by over 35%. The support you all give is tremendous and the loyalty the members of CARE provide is priceless. My business is where it is today because of CARE.
Robert Noon, Executive, APN Healthcare, Inc
I am glad to be involved. Not just as a vendor but as an individual. Thank you both for the hard work you do to help our seniors.
Phillip Smith, , INSURICA Healthcare
Glad to see you getting the word out on these wonderful Oklahoman’s!
Jennifer Case, Oklahoma State Department of Human Services
I love reading the stories that you send out about Oklahoma residents in facilities. The stories always lift my day and it’s nice to hear about regular people and not politicians for a change.

Please keep them coming.

Thanks very much for the nice article about my mother. It was great! I know she will be thrilled when she reads it. I am sure she will want to show it to friends and family. You and your staff do splendid work. God be with you in your future projects.
Ed Sawyer

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